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Meet Lynn and Dexter! Lynn has fostered over 20 dogs in the last year and Dexter is one of the lucky ones.

Foster Mom Cara & Fritz

with Almost Home Animal Rescue

Things are really good with my first foster.

Almost Home needed a home for an estimated 2-3 yr old chihuahua/rat terrier mix, his name is Fritz and he's been a darling, very easy. I've been use to living with bigger dogs, so that may be part of it, he is a change of a pace. He's a cute little guy ... All in all he's doing much better than when I got him, he was picked up right from the shelter and little sick and on the skinny side. He's pretty quiet still, but he shows some spunk and spark at times, he started wagging his tail this weekend so I think that's good news.

Foster Mom Nikkie & Ellie

with Forgotten Paws Rescue

We LOVE our Ellie girl!!! She's so sweet and learned how to sit on command now... she spends her days running around with our weimaraner Gunner and our older kiddos.

She loves snuggling with baby Emma or following me around the house and dancing ;)

She fits right in!

Foster Mom Victoria & Cricket

with Animal Rescuers Without Borders


Cricket is my very first foster animal from Furry Foster. She is so full of love and she loves to show you by licking your face! Fostering dogs like Cricket gives them a chance to get out of a shelter and feel a little bit of love before they go to their homes.

I am so happy I am able to give her a temporary home to get her ready for her new family!

Foster Mom Coree & Randall

with Labradors & Friends Rescue


Things are going really well. Randall's definitely a very special dog.

He loves to play fetch with a frisbee, he has to do that a few times a day. He definitely needs someone that will play with him because he loves to play. He does very well in the car and home alone loose in the house. I'm working with him on the leash because he's a bit of a puller because he gets excited. We are very happy having him here.

Foster Mom Stella & Max

with Baja Dog Rescue


Just wanted to let you know that we picked up Boris last night and he seems to be adjusting little by little. He's very sweet and has a pretty laid back personality. We've taken him on several walks today and spent some time at the dog park this afternoon. He's shy and it may take him a bit to feel more confident around the other dogs but I think he's definitely got potential. I'll keep you posted as we go along.

Foster Mom Alisa & Darcy

with Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego


I love animals. I thought about volunteering at an animal shelter, but felt I had to do something more. After moving back to San Diego from Switzerland, I decided I wanted to foster as many dogs as I could, but was wondering how to go about it ...

I decided Furry Foster would be a great organization to join and volunteer. From my foster application, the first rescue they put me in touch with was Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego.

We met our first foster dog at another Furry Foster event, but at the time didn't know we had met her. After speaking with Anne, from the Chi Rescue, we arranged to meet at her home. We brought our jack/dachshund, Mica to make sure the dog we fostered got along with our dog. Upon entering the house, Darcy, a pup we had met at the Furry Foster event jumped up to my husband to greet him, she remembered him!!! She met Mica and got along great with her, so we decided we would foster her. The first night with us she overtook all of Mica's toys and beds, but Mica was cool with it. They would fall asleep next to each other and play a lot during the day. I'd take them to our local park, Seaport Village, the Embarcadero, etc. where Darcy was a little star, so many people loved her. After about a month she was adopted and it was very sad for us all.

Letting go of her was difficult, but knowing we helped her find her furever home helped ease some of our sadness. Darcy was a great foster dog and we are so happy to have had the chance to help her. It was such a wonderful experience for us and also for our dog, Mica ...

Working with Furry Foster is great and I look forward to continuing to work with them. If you are thinking to foster you will be happy to work with this organization.

Foster Mom Lesley & Franny

with Forgotten Paws Rescue


It has been very rewarding to foster the dogs we have so far.

My husband and I started fostering with Forgotten Paws in the spring of 2012. We got our first Chihuahua to keep our dog, Matilda company. Franny didn't last long, she was snatched up within a couple of weeks by a loving family. We moved onto 4 other dogs through Forgotten Paws that were all adopted within a couple of weeks after attending her adoption events at in Carlsbad. We took a break for a little while since I started working full-time, but we found we missed the extra dog in the house, so we started fostering with Labradors and Friends where we fostered a variety of larger dogs with many different personalities. All of these dogs have since been adopted by forever families.

We are now fostering a Lab mix for Labs and More and another Chihuahua for Forgotten Paws along with having our own two dogs. We feel that we are helping these animals so much by building their confidence and getting them ready for forever families so the transition is smoother.

If it weren't for Furry Foster, I would not have been placed in touch with Dawn at Forgotten Paws and the wonderful work she does.

I would and have recommend Furry Foster to anyone asking about adoption and fostering. It is great for "trying out" different breeds of dogs to see how they fit in with your family, and you never know when you are going to have one of those failed adoptions, and you just keep that dog all to yourself to love for the rest of its life. The foster community is very close-knit. When one of my fosters escaped through the fence, we immediately contacted the rescue group, and they sent volunteers out to my neighborhood to help us look for Coco. We did find her, and my one neighbor was so impressed with the work that Labs and Friends did, he adopted two dogs from that rescue group! We will continue to foster as long as my husband continues to work from home. It is a wonderful experience.

Foster Mom Monica & Maisy

with Dogz in Need


When my friend told me about furry foster, I thought it was a great time for me to foster a dog. Furry Foster then put me in contact with rescue agencies, and I was introduced to Maisy. She was a shy, quiet little dog that had been plucked from the shelter moments before being euthanized. I took her home and over the next several days and weeks, she slowly started coming out of her shell. With love and stability, Maisy transformed from a very withdrawn dog to one that likes to run, play, explore, and cuddle. Maisy is a loving and devoted dog that needs a reliable caretaker. Now that she looks to me, it will be hard to give her up. However, I am so lucky that my own mom wants to adopt her!

I know she is going to a great home, and now I can continue to foster other dogs in need.

Foster Mom Carly & Amelia

with Even Chance Pitbull Rescue


My foster pet Amelia is such an amazing dog. She is a very loving and loyal dog. All she wants to do is snuggle and give you kisses. She loves adults, kids, and dogs. She is very smart and picks up things very quickly. She can be shy but has already become so much more outgoing since we got her three weeks ago. Amelia loves long walks and chasing her ball.

Overall, Amelia has made me and my boyfriend more active and enjoy the outdoors more. It's been a lot of work, but most of it is figuring out what works for both of us. I'm so happy knowing that I am able to give Amelia a happy home to stay in before she finds her forever home.

I also take pride knowing that I am helping to train her so that she can be the best dog for her next home and society!

Foster Mom Amy & Canela

with Animal Rescuers Without Borders


You cannot know how much joy Canela has given me sine she arrived.

She still has her fear of men but I am using some training methods I got on the internet and she is slowly coming around! She is smart as a whip and never leaves my side. I am totally and completely in love. We are taking it one day at a time! Thank you for my little princess.

Foster Mom Jennifer & Trix

with Shelter Pet Partners


Furry Foster has helped a homeless cat in my neightborhood to get foster care and (hopefully soon) a forever home

There is a homeless cat wandering in my neighborhood, very skinny, and hair messed up. She is friendly towards people and other cats. After I contacted Furry Foster, Margaret replied my email quickly on behalf of Furry Foster, and asked about more details of the homeless cat. In a following few days, Margaret provided the info to more rescuers in the system and helped to find the specific rescuer Jenn C., who contacted me about taking the homeless cat into the rescue system. So the homeless cat will have foster care and hope for a forever loving home. Greatly appreciate Furry Foster’s prompt help and unconditional love for the innocent kitties and dogs! Now I kind of wish I had contacted Furry Foster earlier so that homeless cat could find a home sooner.

Foster Mom Amanda & Blu

with Double D Ranch Rescue


My name is Amanda and recently my boyfriend Joe and I were considering adopting a boxer to add to our family (we have 2 other dogs named Luna and Kona). After looking at a few rescue sites I decided to go onto Craigslist to tease myself with the puppy pictures. By an amazing stroke of luck I noticed a listing titled "White Boxer in need of Immediate Foster" and I emailed Margret immediately. She got back to me quickly and before I knew it we were on our way to meeting Blu, the boxer/bulldog mix. The process to foster Blu was simple yet thorough and all of the women we met who helped set everything up were so helpful. Blu is a loving and calm boy who gets along great with our two girls. Joe and I love him so much and are potentially going to adopt him in the near future. I would recommend

Furry Foster to anyone who is interested in fostering or adopting. The networking is great and the animals are spectacular and deserve a second chance. Thank you!

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