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Foster Parents

Furry Foster is an organization dedicated to ending the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable pets connecting homeless animals with loving foster homes.

Our goal is to raise awareness about animal foster care and create new foster homes for animal rescue organizations. We also provide free resources to rescues and foster parents in an effort to increase foster and adoption. Learn more about us

A pet foster parents provides a temporary home for a homeless pet while it's waiting to be adopted.

The foster parent provide basic care including love and affection, food, water, and shelter. A foster parent is responsible for preparing a dog for its permanent home and acclimating it to living in a home by teaching it basic house manners and working with a trainer or behaviorist on any behavioral issues. The foster parent might also help transport an animal to the veterinarian or to adoption events.

Most rescue organizations do not have a physical location to house animals and rely on foster homes to board pets until they are adopted.

Foster homes provide a way for rescue organizations to maximize the number of animals rescued by taking them out of the local shelter and giving them a place to stay until they are adopted. Foster homes can provide care for animals who might be difficult to care for in the animal shelter and who might otherwise be euthanized: puppies and kittens who have weak immune systems, animals recovering from surgery, animals with behavioral problems, etc.

It's FREE. Not only is fostering a priceless experience, it costs $0.

Rescue organizations will provide the basic necessities for your foster pet including food, bedding, crate, leash & collar, bowls, etc. Many foster parents purchase additional items such as toys and treats for their foster pet. These items can be considered donations to the rescue and are therefore 100% tax-deductible.

Foster length will vary and depends on the pet and rescue organization.

Foster length can vary from a few weeks to a few months and sometimes even up to a year depending on the pet. Some pets have a harder time getting adopted or they have special needs in a forever home that the rescue has to consider before adoption. We ask foster parents to prepare for 6 months but that's just an estimate. If you are only able to foster for a certain period of time, let your rescue know ahead of time. Otherwise, be prepared to keep your pet as long as he needs. It's only a few months for you, but it's a lifetime for him.

Anyone! If you can open your heart and home to a homeless animal, you can foster. A volunteer can contact you to help you find the perfect foster pet, just fill out the foster application.

Each rescue and animal may have it's own criteria for the perfect foster home. Some animals have special needs but there are more than enough homeless animals who need help. Find the right foster pet for you on our search page.

The pets that need foster homes and also permanent homes are in local animal shelters, waiting to be rescued, or with their rescuers, waiting for a foster home. Browse our list of available pets.

Many animals in local animals shelters will be euthanized if they are not adopted or saved by a rescue group, over 3 million each each year. Some foster homes have pets that are pregnant. Once the babies are weaned, foster homes are needed for these animals, too, so that they will have a safe and loving place to stay until they are adopted.

Shelters & Rescues

New foster families, and who couldn't use more of those?

In addition to opening your organization up to new fosters and adopters, you'll also receive useful free resources that will help you grow your foster program. We'll even help you with fundraising events. See Current Partners

We welcome all 501(c)3 animal rescue organizations to apply for partnership. Mostly we work with dog and cat rescues.

If your 501(c)3 status is pending, apply now for priority when your status is confirmed.

Additional support for you and your foster families. We're here to help!

  • Free Services, Food, and Accessories
  • Exclusive adoption events
  • Reach new foster families

Pet Owners

Sorry, Furry Foster's resources are limited and at this time we can only provide foster homes for local 501(c)3 animal rescue organizations.

The first step when you find a pet is to take him to your local municipal shelter. Why the shelter? Your found pet might be separated from his or her family. Taking him to the shelter gives him a chance to be found, plus the shelter can check for a mircrochip, provide necessary medical care and spay/netuer. Once your found pet is all taken care of.

Ask anything about fostering, email your questions if they aren't answered here.

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